Position: CEO / Principal Consultant


Dr Ismail is a qualified, ARB registered architect, RIBA chartered architect, International Associate Member of the AIA American Institute of Architects, urban planning consultant, with strong project management skills; gained over 30 years with British and International consulting firms. He is also a member of PMI the Project Management Institute in USA and London Chapter. He worked on iconic projects in UK, Middle East, Japan, and South Africa upto $4B USD. He has proven track record in Regional and Urban Planning and produced / led several master plans of urban and industrial cities worldwide. Dr Ismail has numerous publications on the use of Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Planning. He is passionately interested in Regional Planning, Urban Planning, and Socio-Economics to find robust solutions to solve Egypt's contemporary regional, urban, and industrial planning problems. He contributed and presented two practical solutions in Egypt 2011; the Fast-Track Housing for youth and low-income group, and the re-development of the slum areas. In 2015, he established ARCHLAND UK and Egypt workcenters and devoted to making ARCHLAND a recognised brand name in Urban Planning and large scale sustainable developments. He is actively establishing collaborations with reputed organisations that have one aim; to deliver well coordinated projects.


Specialised Competence: Collaboration and JVs, Business Development, Appointments and Contracts Management, Architecture, Urban Planning, Project Management




Position: SENIOR LEAD COSNULTANT / Europe & East Asia


Sebastien Goethals is a well-rounded experienced Architect, Urbanist and Urban Transport expert from Belgium. He worked extensively as an architect and urban consultant in Europe and Africa on master plans with focus on transport infrastructures. Dr Sebastien started to conduct research on urbanism and mobility in 2009 with Tongji University and ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in Shanghai. This gave him valuable exposure to East Asia. In 2010, he established "Citilinks" and organized the exhibition "Kinshasa, Vision 2025" in the African Pavilion of the World Expo of Shanghai. In 2012, he won the international urban design competition "Rosemont 2040, Morph My City Challenge" in Regina, Canada. Dr Sebastien has been leading several large-scale architecture and urban planning projects, such as; the Nsele African Garden City (Kinshasa, Congo), the Warehouse District Regeneration Plan of Regina (Canada), and the Master Plan of Hechuan Healthy New Town for 60,000 inhabitants in China. In 2011, he was the Urban Planning Leader of the Transport Plan of Kinshasa. Dr Sebastien is working on several Port-City interfaces in Qingdao (China), Rotterdam (NL) and Vancouver (Canada.) He is actively involved in the implementation of integrated urban solutions for mixed-used and dense communities, public spaces, transport and urban agriculture. He has also been lecturer at ULB (Brussels), Tongji University in Shanghai and China Petroleum University in Qingdao. He is the Vice President of ARCHLAND - Europe and East Asia and responsible for the workcenters in Brussles and Tongji.


Specialised Competence: Collaboration and JVs, Business Development, Architecture, Urban Planning, Transport Planning




Position: SENIOR LEAD CONSULTANT / Europe & East Asia


Trudy Maria Tertilt is a German Registered and Certified Landscape Architect, Ecologist, and Urban Planning Consultant with 30 years experience. Trudy is a member of the German Chamber of Architects (AK), German Association of Landscape Architects (BDLA), and the German Association of Town and Regional Planning (SRL). She is a professional member of 10 international organisations all related to the practice of landscape architecture and urban planning. Trudy has extensive knowledge and experience in eco-systems, sustainable urban planning, policy analysis and strategies formulation covering climate change, adaptation and mitigation, urban ecology, nature conservation. During the last 20 years, she has been working and living in China and Singapore. This gave her in depth knowledge of East Asia, understanding the socio-economic structure, communicated her concepts and proposals to senior level government officials, private sector and NGOs across Asia. Trudy co-authored China's Draft Law for Nature Conservation as Member of NDRC working group. She also led planning, research, participatory projects in rural and urban development, land use, and eco-tourism in China. Also, introduced sustainability evaluation tools (socio-ecological indicators) into Chinese urban planning system. Trudy developed biodiversity enhancement strategy for Singapore National Parks Board. In addition to that, she has also interests in Blue and Green Infrastructure (eco services, biodiversity and resource management), concepts for resilient communities (Health Impact Assessment), and sustainable urban planning.


Specialised Competence: Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Eco-Systems, Urban Planning, Training


PhD MSc BSc(Mec Eng)




Dr Hamdy is an experienced MEP engineer on medium - large scale projects in the Middle East. He is also the head of HAP Engineering that is in charge of ARCHLAND's technical proposals involving the design and coordination of Network Design, Piping Systems, HVAC System, Fire-Fighting Modelling and Calculations, Hydraulic Systems Design, and Development and Improvement of Irrigation Systems. He is also experienced with all practical aspects of detailed design and shop drawings production and obtaining the relevant approvals in Egypt. He worked extensively on a large list of projects in Egypt, KSA, and UAE; covering residential, commercial, hotels, educational, and infrastructure buildings. Dr Hamdy is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University; with specialised competence in Mechanical Power Engineering. For ARCHLAND, Dr Hamdy is our Lead Consultant on Infrastructure Design and Planning with emphasis on; design of Power / Desalination / Water-Treatment / District Cooling Plants. He is also in charge of the Facilities Management in Egypt. His aim is to guide our projects towrds feasible, sustainable, and manageble implementation.


Specialised Competence: MEP Engineering, Facilities Management, Infrastructure Planning, Project Management


MA(Land) BSc(Honour)




Mr Patel is anexperienced landsscape architect, urbanist, and architecural consultant working towards his qualification and registration as an architect in UK. He is all-rounder professional with exposure to initial concept design, schematics, and site supervision. Riaz has excellent technical drawing skills and computer skills with advanced knowledge on Autocad, SketchUp, Microstation and Adobe programs, Revit, and Vector Works. Research development is one of his strong points, which helped him to develop those special creative and imaginative techniques in architecture and landscape designs. He is attentive to details and has excellent problem-solving approach to ensure that every project is implemented to high standards. Riaz worked luxury residential schemes and hotel projects within the UK and international. He has "Gold Award" from University of Middlesex - UK in 2007.


He is in charge of the day-to-day running ok the UK workcenter and leading ARCHLAND's architectural and design team.


Specialised Competence: Business Development, Architecure, Urban Planning